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I wake up every Sunday morning by seven, so that I may imbue myself with one of the most deeply spiritual, politically intriguing, or uncommonly interesting science-research radio interviews that I listen to on WNYC in New York City. Krista Tippett and her show, "On Being", has captured my heart, mind, soul and spirit with humor, great intelligence, and profound empathy. I have begun to read some of the earlier segments online. One of my favorite ones was especially dear to my heart: Alan Rabinowitz's beautifully moving narrative of his life, leading up to the establishment of the first (and perhaps THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD?) jaguar preserve in Belize, Central America. I lived for the major part of seven years, from 1974 to 1981, in southern Belize, with my now ex-husband, Jack (who still lives there); our daughter, Kamil, (the "Harutu Garifuna" of Barranco Village); our former fellow Peace Corps volunteer-friend-in-El Salvador, Ed; his Salvadoran wife, Vilma; their daughter Rosalynn; and various and sundry friends and occasional back-packers. What an amazingly inspirational and astounding story Mr. Rabinowitz told about his encounter with the jaguar on the jungle path !! We had heard other incredible tales of "meetings with remarkable jaguars" ! Thank you so much, "On Being" and Krista Tippett, for these superb programs !!!