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Hi Krista - Redeeming the Day! Love you post. Over the past few years my income has diminished to next to nothing. I now have 11 grandchildren and one of the most difficult things is to feel like someone looking through the window of a restaurant in the snow at my family gatherings. I can't afford to travel much less make any purchases that would keep me in the top 'something' category of 'giftings'. All of them are very kind and warm about my lack of 'presenting' and I have also made it quite clear not to be gifting me as I have more accumulated over my life than I need. I spend more time giving bread to the more needy year round and giving away 'things' I once treasured and felt were important perhaps to next generations. (They could care less I found out). Now we are busy with a few folks sharing the gift of communion. In our home each morning, others homes, on the street, in a coffee house - wherever the Shepherd leads - there is always a 'tab;e prepared before us'. Its short and sweet and deliberately non-churchy, We do it to share the 'tangible Jesus' in the bread and the cup and the fruit of the vine. In addition we find bread donated each week and distribute it freely to neighbors, missions, less prosperous churches and our street people friends.I love your comments and suggestions for alternatives and the insight about Good Friday vs. Black Friday - good 'un! Anyway just wanted to chime in as a fellow sojourner in the community of faith who by economic conditions can no longer participate in the dizzying confusion of christlessmas activities. More because I can't not because I wouldn't. If there was a couple of extra dollars I probably would try to send the grand kidlins something from 'bob-bob'. I do love them so much and only hope that my lack of ability to give something temporal might be realized in the eternals of the genuine Christmas - where Baby Jesus lay in a Manger to become the very Bread of Life for all us mangy critters! 100,000 Blessings to you, your family and community of faith in the coming year!