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I just realized a month ago that diapers are not covered by food stamps. I had not thought much about this item as my only son is now 43 years old.
I think the Episcopal Chirch is very progressive when it comes to gays also, but I am getting off,the subject. I chose to help a veteran by getting
Clothing items from his wish list. Also we support three girls in two foreign countries including one in Texas, whose parents primarily speak Spanish.
The girl in Honduras lives with her grandmother and little sister; her mother left the family years ago. The money we give each month means
A tremendous amount and goes much further. This is Child Fund International. There are so many desperate needs for children and their guardians
Or parents all over the world and here in the USA. Why not give to people who are desperate instead of giving a gift that is not needed.

It makes Christmas or Hannukah so much more meaningful.