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After a week or so of saying to my kids, "Don't get too excited, they aren't that great," as they giggle and jump while staring at the gift bags under my 32-inch tree, I can relate to Krista's sentiments.
But who am I kidding? I can say that I am eschewing the excess and commercialism to focus on the true spirit of Christmas, but really, if I could I would be at the mall with everybody else.
I used to have a beautiful, tall tree with matching "Victorian" decorations (I guess I still have it. It is in storage, it just doesn't fit in the cramped duplex). We had piles of presents that weren't socks and underwear. But since experiencing hard times, we can't celebrate the way we used to. I used to spend the weeks leading up to the holidays in rehearsal for the choir Christmas cantata. But the church just doesn't seem like such a welcoming place anymore.
So I say good for you, Krista, for helping others at Christmas. And to those of you who celebrate to excess: good for you, too. Enjoy the blessings of your life, and don't forget who gave them to you.