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I applaud your honesty and using your voice to put forth something that has bothered me since I gave birth to my son ten years ago. Do I follow the hype and raise him to believe that Christmas is only about presents and gift-giving? Or do I raise him to follow our Christian beliefs? What we have done since birth was to celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ and we have dinner with family and friends and give thanks for all that Christ has done for us. My son didn't see his first Christmas tree until he was 3, we have never put one up in our home. In terms of presents and my child feeling left out when going back to school and everyone is talking about what they got, he has no jealousy because he gets his gifts all year around, with his birthday being the biggest gift-getting day of the year. I have no regrets of raising him this way, and he has never expressed any feelings of being left out. He actually values the time as a chance to see family and friends who, because of scheduling and distance, we don't get to spend much time with.