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Krista...Krista, Krista, Krista, thank you for so beautifully articulating that which I've been feeling and struggling with for so many years, and just this year managed to do something about. If you were within reasonable proximity I'd give you a big ole warm hug of gratitude, but in lieu of, please accept by cyber embrace instead. While I don't now and probably never had the same sense of acceptance or appreciation for the God concept that you possess, I do, nevertheless, consider myself a spiritual being, and the uber frenetic, hyper-material place that this holiday season has gotten to is just, for me anyway, such a very sad statement about our culture. I needed to find a way to extricate myself from this madness and so, this year, I told my ex, in a rather strained and difficult conversation, that I was not willing to be a part of the boatload purchase of gifts for our thirty-two year old daughter and twenty-two year old son. I love your idea/suggestion of finding a worthwhile charity to which we, my children and I, can contribute to those far less fortunate than we are and for whom the receipt of ANYTHING would be valued in ways that we fortunately and most likely will never fully understand. Thank you for On Being and for being the thoughtful voice of reason and consideration that you are, now and throughout the year.