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Last year, as Christmas approached I was busy working on 18 tiger paintings because I was going to have an art exhibit. Several of my friends volunteered to participate. A classroom of children created some art for it too. We were inspired because of your interview with Alan Rabinowitz. Here's the link . It was a great time to focus on tiger extinction because some of the big non-profit organizations were also pushing for tiger conservation simultaneously. We wanted to be part of that larger wave.

No matter what else came up over Christmas, I was painting tigers several hours a day. My husband's mother passed away over the holidays. I drew on canvases in the car as we attended her funeral service several hours away. Tiger after tiger after tiger, I churned them out. Our community radio station interviewed me. I advertised in all the event calendars I could find. Our event was promoted campus-wide in a way it had never been done before. The show got a lot of attention. It opened the door for more art exhibits at the library where I work. It created awareness about the effort that's taking place worldwide.

And now, a year later, with the "Life of Pi" movie hitting theaters I got the remnants of my tiger show off my kitchen walls and sold them at our local Alternative Gift Festival. The proceeds were donated to our local wildlife rehabilitator. It was one more chance to make an impression and it did, especially on me. I thought getting people interested in an art show about tiger extinction was going to be a hard sell. On the contrary, it acted as a lightning rod. Many of my friends went on to tackle other huge local issues that seem overwhelming in their scope. They've learned to hold problems their minds when the people around them cannot even look at them. We have all risen above the din of ordinary existence for whatever amount of time we can stay aloft, and then we try again the instant our feet touch the ground. Listening to your show cuts years off my learning curve. I especially loved Joanna Macy's interview. Rock on, Krista!