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"I was studying at Yale Divinity School, learning vocabulary like “Christology” — all the ways Christians have pondered the complex notion of Christ as both fully divine and fully human for the past two thousand years. So it was with incredulity and not a little annoyance that I found myself, in a state of severe sleep deprivation, singing..."

And no incredulity regarding that "complex" notion "of Christ as both fully divine and fully human"?!?

"There is something audacious and mysterious and reality-affirming in the assertion that has stayed alive for two thousand years that God took on eyes and ears and hands and feet, hunger and tears and laughter and the flu, joy and pain and gratitude ..."

A deity who has himself born by parthenogenesis, resurrects himself after being tortured to death and ascends into the heavens unaided by technology is REALITY-affirming?!?

"It’s not provable,..." Not only that: there is also no more evidence to support it than there is to support the existence of Santa Claus and it violates everything that Biology and Physics has shown us about the nature of reality. Which leads intellectually honest people to discard it along with thousands of other deities from Allah to Zeus.

"And it’s no less rational — no more crazy — than economic and political myths to which we routinely deliver over our fates in this culture,...."
Economic and political theories are subject to empirical review and discarded, corrected or at least criticized where they fail. The absurdities of religion are held immune behind the smokescreen of self- proclaimed holiness and the infallibility of self-proclaimed divine absolute truth.

How about a much more substantial reason not to do Christmas: Not to celebrate as true myths such as the virgin birth of the son of YOUR god become human to die, be resurrected, ascend to heaven and return to "save" humanity.