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I can understand to a certain degree Krista. I grew up during the years when "It's a Wonderful Life" first hit the boob tube full tilt, back in the 70's when it's copyright slipped and it fell into the public domain. When Christmas comes the spirit of that film sinks in for me, no matter the cultural surround. I grew up wanting to be George Bailey. It's the "heart of the season" that matters most to me. I lost my brother this year. He died last April. I miss him very much. He wanted to be George Bailey too. For free he filmed and produced dvds of weekly church services, often delivering them by hand for free. He was George Bailey in his own unique way, offering his heartfelt services up in similar creative/unique ways. I hope we can still all find the heart of the season like George, like my brother Steven. Plus or minus a tree, it's a season for heart giving.