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I still like to give & receieve, but how I'd like to receive just one thing. I suggest the book "The Hundred Dollar Holiday" by Bill McKibbeon, I believe. A quick read on how to reshape x-mas & all it has turned into. Convincing relatives to join you is the hard part, especially your parent(s) or your cousin's wife who is completely subsumed by society's commercialism & materialism and gives so much it is embarrassing. My mother is particularly bad. She enjoys shopping and giving gifts, but one year she gave each of her adult children (all in their 30s or older at that point) over ten gifts each, with many boxes containing multiple items. It was literally tiring opening them all (and embarrassing). We had no time to visit, as we spent nearly the entire evening opening gifts. Spouses of her children received nearly as much. We have begged for years for it to be reduced. It is a great book to give to parents with young kids. Krista, come to our worship community. I think we celebrate in a way that speaks to all ages. We also do multi-generational religious education, as many adults cannot recall much from their religious education, and we need to formulate an adult faith. We are trying to drag the Vatican along with us as well.