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Totally agree and have been riding the non-material Christmas train for many years. I think it began when my sister's kid's wanted to return or exchange the gifts I'd given them two years in a row. That's it!, I thought, no more gifts for them! And that's where the frugal Christmas's began.
I too recognized that it is the modern trend of buying what we want, when we want it , that made Christmas go downhill. I remember being thrilled with Christmas gifts because there was always the anxiety that we might not get the one thing we so much hoped for, as well as the confidence that there would be some nice surprises.
Although I work as a volunteer with a national organization that helps homeless families, I am not entirely on board with the gift collecting that goes on for them. I know that they too are well entrenched with the desire for every little new game, toy, phone, name brand shoe, etc etc, and giving them loads of unnecessary stuff at Christmas, in my opinion, does little to engender appreciation.
Socks, underwear, a coat and maybe one indulgence - awesome! A boatload of toys and crap - not so much.
Krista, thanks for all the work you do to raise consciousness in our society.
May your holiday be restful and unhurried.