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Thank you for writing this. It was clear, well said, assertive (but not aggressive), establishing your rights to choose how to celebrate without criticizing other people's choices. Very well written. We, as a family, chose to "give up" the celebration of Christmas in all its material forms quite a number of years ago. My youngest was between 3 and 6 when we made the decision as a family. First went the tree. I cannot stand artificial trees and we were all concerned about the environmental impact of chopping down natural trees every year. So that year, the stockings from Santa were left on the kitchen chairs. The next year, we asked Santa not to come - to pass on our gifts to other kids who have less than us. That year, no decorations were put up. That was when my youngest was between 3 and 6 years old. So he grew up without really knowing about Santa. He has not suffered and neither have the other children. That was also the year we didn't give each other gifts (we have another time of the year where we do that). Now, we appreciate the days off to recoup and relax and refresh and prepare for the new year. It is a great way to celebrate Christmas rather than the frenzy that the rest of the country seems to get into.