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I am Jewish, as was the child whose birth is celebrated at Christmas. The Christmas myth that most impacted me as a child was that "IF YOU ARE GOOD, Santa will leave you presents." This myth is unkind to Jews, Native Americans, Hindus, Budhists, Muslims and those in a family with limited means. When I returned to school after winter vacation, my classmates always asked what I got for Christmas. I was aware that Santa was a fantasy, but it would be insensitive to share that info with my believing friends. Of course, the answer was "nothing."Was I not good? Why didn't Santa stop? Doesn't he go to EVERY boy's and girl's house? Did I forget to leave cookies?" The whole celebration of Christmas felt unfair to me. I explained that I was Jewish. Some of my classmates assumed that meant "bad." Some thought it meant inferior. From these circumstances, I understood that not everything the general populace believes is necessarily true or worthy of belief.