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I don't like the commercialization of Christmas, but I LOVE Christmas and the reminder that God did break through to become one of us. My personal rebellion is to fully enjoy Christmas, the light in the darkness, the liturgies, the shopping for gifts for Angel tree children, whose parents are incarcerated, the long breaks from school (I'm a teacher) that allow me to have a small break to have space for Christmas, all the while fighting urges to rush out on Black Friday, to shop every weekend for obligatory gifts for family and friends because someone has already gifted me. Even the word "Christmas" is religious, with Roman Catholic roots, meaning "Christ Mass." Santa Claus may have become kidnapped by the secular, but he has religious roots which trace back to St. Nicholas, a very real person and bishop who had a very generous spirit. In the Tim Allen movie, "The Santa Claus," one of the elves says, "believing is seeing." God became one of us and for better or worse, Christmas is the reminder of this event, and it shall not be taken away from me.