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It's sad that you can't find it in your heart to enjoy Christmas and its "spirit" as it exists in the world now. Yes, it has changed, like all things. But it still brings out the good in many people who don't feel obligated to flaunt their wealth by buying expensive gifts for children who most liklely will never be able to afford such things themselves. It is the paradox of King Wencelas that feting him actually just made him more acutely aware of what he had been missing, deepening his misery. The stereotypical "old lady" says, as always, that "things just aren't lwhat they used to be." True enough.

I think I'll follow your lead, somewhat, and get some children the socks, coats, and new underwear that they want and need. After all, I'm not trying to impress anyone, so why would I buy or donate expensive clothes, assuaging my conscience, perhaps, but intensifying their suffering?