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My birthday is Christmas and have only once or twice (celebrating on a different day) experienced what it might be like to have a day dedicated to your birth. I loved this article, it made me feel less guilty about celebrating X-mas for my 9 month old daughter this year. I felt guilty for not putting up a tree and lights, wanting her to experience this magical moment. It was hard to cave into the "ritual" of x-mas but it was for my daughter. How does one day highjack our collective attention to the point it has become this all consuming affair? From my perspective 20% of x-mas is the spirit of Joy, Gratitude, Giving and all that jazz the other 80% has gone off track and into the mall.
All I know is people get so consumed on Christmas day focusing on what they did or didn't get or how much the person liked the gift you gave, that they can't remember to wish their friend or family member a happy birthday and most of the time don't even realize they even forgot.
So my anger grows which I try to release every year. Why should I go broke every year around my birthday, trying to buy everyone presents who often forget to even say, Happy Birthday. Is that not what Christmas is all about, celebrating someones birthday? I wonder how Christ would view how people celebrate his April birthday in December. Looking back I should have celebrated my birthday as a child on Christ's real birthday in April.