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I listened to this story in the show archives and found it interesting given that I have been reading a lot of Ernesto Cardenal's poetry and he was heavily influenced by Teilard de Chardin. I disagree with something that your guest said about the moral dilemma that we face when choosing between 1) a change to alternative energies and 2) higher costs on the poor. These are two separate issues and two separate problems. The poor pay higher costs for everything already and this is not just an outcome of the capitalist system but one defining aspect of the capitalist system. Our insatiable desire to obtain more material wealth and goods is also a defining characteristic of capitalism and is what drives us to scour the Earth for energy sources to fuel our unsustainable system. We must reflect on our participation in this capitalist model to begin with and, returning to Teilhard de Chardin, realize that capitalism is a very primitive stage that should be and will be left behind as humans and the planet evolve.