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so, chardin speaks of evolution as taking on a stage with regard to { vis-à-vis or in respect of, or with reference to, or a propos of} human beings that has much more to do with human consciousness than physical adapation and survival. look, this leads to those sort of statements that we need to use with a lot of caution. what sort? david sloan wilson says in one sense the origin of man was just another species, but in another sense we were and are an entirely new evolutionary process and one so marked that we might think of it as in some ways as significant as the evolution of life, by which he means organic life. okay, that would be okay, i suppose, if we were able to say that perhaps such hyperbole—with the aim of being inspirational—could make us feel good without making us feel ‘better,’ for perhaps such hyperbole could be slightly reworded and applied as well to the whale, for there is a huge amount about the life of the albatross and the colonies of coral that we really don’t know about, so better for the consciousness and intelligence nurturing of our kind if we say such things in a way where we aren’t being ridiculously silly by needing to feel good by feeling ‘better.’ sure, we might be able to say something like what wilson says—maybe... this one i find particularly tentative—if it simply means focusing on how Life is expressing HerSelf a propos of {or in respect of, or with reference to, or with regard to} humanity while knowing She is expressing HerSelf with reference to the Bristelcone Pine and selkie in ways worthy of eliciting exclamations, too.
but to the point being made concerning humankind. de Chardin in citing the evolution of consciousness, which is what richard bucke wrote about in cosmic consciousness as well, has to do with us having the means for intensifying our communication by way of cybespace, and he prayed as do many of us, that this theater could become a space, growing and growing even as the script for this stage has to do with matters of world peace and dynamic caring, priorities that raise the great teaching concerning love of neighbor as self to a visible, palpable reality of social living!!!!!!!!!!
alas, that is not what we’ve seen being done on this stage. at best, we’ve seen political scenes that have been influenced in a way that exposes the mindset of those like anwar congo and the other anti-heroes of joshua oppenheimer’s documentary the act of killing which makes us more aware of all too many besides these indonesian mass murderers. and that awareness might be applied in the world of realpolitik for our good... we hope. but so far, all too many in our anglo cluster of cultures want to strike it rich with the newest ‘game’ that is not short on the very kind of violence that congo and his kind use to fuel their imaginations. yea, de chardin spoke of intensifying our communication worldwide, but what are we doing, what are we doing with that capacity?
the place to dare to seek to change has to do with media and the issue of the violence we put before our faces constantly. and down the line from that, the culture of idolatry we have made the second most striking feature of our cluster that does not serve the main well at all. yea, we need those who standout in ways that are substantially meaningful, the artists worthy of our canon, the scientists who are in the thick of the scientific establishment’s quest for truth, but we are not lending the kind of support to one another that we could as long as we focus with such adoration on so few, all too many of the entertainment field who’d serve us best by not living out the jet set opportunities that are kept dangling like a child’s mobile before our eyes all the days of our lives when we might have the vision and hope for us as us, with full-scale imagination going at it, before our eyes and attached to our arms.
what do i mean by ‘full-scale imagination going at it?’ we could have a cooperative culture, where we have graduated from being homo economico and have become homo narrandus, where the shared narrative with its aspiration has us involved in lives engaged with each other providing for one another, that features this kind of care and providing each other with enrichment scenes, so that we all have, if we can manage to do this with an economy focused on providing shelter, good nourishment, healthcare, and daily social activities rounded by the kind of ample vacation time found in nordic cultures where another focus for vocation, along with education and healthcare, is the vacation vocation, that is, we provide one another with opportunities with these vacations to pursue our interests—a week at a village where beers are made, for that is the hobby of more than a few; ten days at the community where you are involved in producing Hamlet, as you’ve been preparing for being Horatio for months, while your son is eager to learn how to be a cameraman; or going to the jazz festival in new orleans where you are going to play the sax in a band that will rehearse several hours a day; or headed out on a two-week trek on the appalachian trail; or to swimmer’s camp with two workouts a day; or the traditional beach vacation on St. Johns or in Costa Rica!