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There doesn't seem to be anything supernatural about Teilhard de Chardin's God. To me it is a big mistake to nail God down in my mind as supernatural. From my ecological perspective I look into the heavens and have a point of view different from one possible 2 or three thousand years ago. We have much more factual information about the extent of and the age of the cosmos. We are, as Epictetus, an early Christian and understandably stoic slave of a Roman officer said, tiny specks and have no alternative but humility. We are a parts, specks, but are part of the whole, and our ecological magnitude is as vast as the cosmos. We have much more factual information now. Astrologers were recognizing patterns, and the zodiac was an early attempt to make sense of the patterns in a materialistic deterministic universe. It helps to be empathic with the early thinkers, but to realize we have the Hubble Telescope now, but will have an even more powerful and high def one in a few years. We have learned about the chemistry of life, and have much informatrion about what takes place at not only the cellular level, but also way beyond the cellular level. THe more we learn the bigger and more mysterious, and the more we appreciate in our hearts the vastness that goes inward and outward and points toward what Rev. Rudolph Otto called the mysterium tremendum and fascinans. From my perspective God is the God of Nature. Teilhard de Chardin recognized this. He was first a scientist: This is obvious in The Planetary Mind. There is the probability that there are billions of star centered planetary systems that have just the right goldilocks conditions for life. Not just one planetary mind, but countless others. Jesus is not a magician, but an ethical teacher. He learned from children before their minds were polluted. He taught with metaphor and parable. From my perspective he was more likely to have taught dialectically rather than didactically. One particular skill among many was to get assemblies of people, from small groups to crowds, to discover their hereditary capacity for altruism, sharing, and emotional self-acceptance. His metaphoric teachings were converted by a class conscious dominance eierarchy into miracles, leaving the ethical value and promising eternal life to gullible immpoverished followers. It is time to stop that stuff. Papa Francesco is arousing the spirits of many into the direction I am imagining. AMy point of view is personal, just one of many possible. Maybe we will have mosaic vision some day, as we share in ways Teilhard de Chardin must truly have dreamed of. What would he think now? What would Jesus think now? Don't think there is no God just because there isn't a tyranical man in the sky!