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I discovered Teilhard through a former Dominican priest and biblical scholar who teaches Catholics about the Scripture. He linked Paul's teachings of the Body of Christ in Colossians, Galatians and other passages to Teilhard's vision of us all accelerating toward the Omega point which is one and the same as the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To understand Teilhard is to understand the Jesuit training and development of the spiritual aspect of the human through the Spiritual Exercises. And then you realize there is no seperation between the secular and the sacred. It's not unlike what many eastern philosophies are based on, in particular Buddhism. And there is no past or present, things both living now and those that once lived just Are. Some of this is my own formulation of thoughts that are pulled from my own readings of Thomas Merton, Watt's The Way of Zen, scripture studies of Paul's letters (which in my opinion are some of the most timely and timeless prose and relevant for all eras), spending five days chanting the Psalms in a Benedictine monastery, and praying daily. Everything that Teilhard has written has made sense to me and I have found his voice from the last century, the voice of my teenage years when I thought there should not be any separation between the Creation and Evolution camps, as I studied theology in Catholic high school. What I find most interesting is that everything points to this harmonic convergence of matter and unbounded by time as God sees it, which can be attained from any point of study, but most simply and complete if you have only the faith that resides within the mustard seed. Devout Catholics as the parents of Teilhard knew this without doubt, just as simply breathing. And I offer today for my fellow Catholics and all others that the Contemplation and daily prayer of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will illuminate your mind and make all this very transparent and comprehensible as it has for me. I come from a Catholic background that was based on a pragmatic routine as well as a spiritual having parents practicing devotions to both Mary and Jesus. And the keyword is practice. Anything you do with joyful conviction reaps wonderful enlightenment and success. I agree with Andrew Revkin that you have no choice but be optimistic as Teilhard was because in my opinion this is the summation of all Gifts from God. It is the smile on your face.