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Teilhard De Chardin was a rather fastinating man. He was a paleontologist, a priest and a philosopher. He even served in WW1 as a stretcher bearer for the french army. During the war he saw many horrible things that most people would never see in their lifetime. This really had an impact on Teilhard and his spiritual thinking.

Teilhard's thoughts, ideas and theories seemed to be way ahead of his time. He talked about evolution and spirituality and how they move towards each other. Humans evolve not only physically but spiritually as well. As we continue to evolve, so does our technology. Teilhard vision was that humans would communicate on a much bigger scale. He says humans will "intensify communication." But it is not just creating this means of communication he stressed but how people would use this technology and what would they go on to do with it.

Now days with the internet, Facebook, Twitter and so on, it seems that Teilhard was right. Our communication is on such a large scale right now. I can send a message to someone in China and they would recieve it within just moments. We have come a long way as a society since the time of Teilhard.

He also talks about how the human being longs to share experiences with one another. This is so true. How many kids love to show their parents something they learned or how many of us come back to work from an exciting weekend and can't wait to tell our co-workers. It seems that sharing the human experience is a rather important part of our lives. And now with Youtube, Facebook and other social media, you can share the human experience with the world.

It is a great time to live in with so many new technological advancements. We are basically living in Teilhard's vision. We are the future and we have to figure out how to utilize this great technology we have and bring us forward.