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So many Atheists complain about religion due to its ancient roots, for its trying to carry the ancient (to them) too far forward. But here we have a Catholic priest of all people, describing a foundation for religion as if taking the future and bringing it backward to us here.
I was introduced to the concept of a Universal Noosphere in the child's story "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov. It was given to me by my father, likely unwittingly, as Dad didn't follow SF (but He Was a religious man). That story changed my personal theology quite a bit. Checking years later it was found that the Asimov story came out just after the publication of "The Phenomenon of Man" - and I am looking for more on this possible connection. The author Tom Wolfe also talks insistingly about a connection, between de Chardin and Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan wrote of his idea of "The Global Village" 6 years after 'Phenomenon'. The modern Catholic Theologian John F. Haught gave us a great lecture on unifying religion and science and de Chardin was featured prominently again. Always an interesting subject.
Your show then comes to me as if a Christmas gift. Thank-You for this gift.