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I first read Teilhard as a senior in college back in 1960, and continued to read him during my years in the seminary -- in Rome!

I've taught an advanced undergraduate course over the years on "The Classics of Spirituality," and have used "The Divine Milieu" as the final reading of the course.

I appreciate the program dedicated to Teilhard and welcome the continuing interest in his thinking. But I think that the heart of the matter was slighted in the presentations.

For Teilhard at the heart of his vision is Jesus Christ who is both the center and the goal of the Divine Milieu. This is why Teilhard's great friend and advocate Henri de Lubac holds that part of Teilhard's achievement was to recover the "cosmic Christology" of the Pauline Epistles.

So thank you for what you have done in the program; but it's like a glass only half full. You only offered some of the good wine.

Christmas wishes!