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It seems to me this man's knowledge of evolution is somewhat incomplete (and it also seems to me problematic to invoke the supernatural or a god when it comes to evolution and genetics). To state that evolution may be driven by consciousness is too speculative for me (as someone fairly well versed in evolution and someone who deals with the genetics of cancer on a daily basis). With that said, I do subscribe to the ideals of humanist philosophy - but I also realize 99.9+ percent of all organisms on this planet have gone extinct and that we will suffer the same fate. While it may be nice to think that in some way we are special and that there is a god that exists or cares for us, the reality is, imo, there is no evidence for such things. It seems to me we are only special because we choose to define ourselves in a special way or seek out characteristics that seem "special" to the human species. When you start out thinking we are special you will likely only find the evidence to support your premise. This is not scientific reasoning and should not be presented as such.