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This program and all three unedited conversations have wetted my appetite for Teilhard, again. He is a lot of work. I love the story about the 13 year old who met him in the park for walks. That is useful.
I have been working on John MacMurray’s writings for a number of years. I think he and Teilhard are on the same wavelength. Here is an excerpt from, REASON AND EMOTION (first published 1935).

“We are so accustomed to think that science is
knowledge that we overlook the fact that it pre-
supposes knowledge. We have an immediate living
experience of the world which is both more primitive
and more concrete than any knowledge which is the
result of deliberate reflection. And this knowledge science can
never deny without cutting the ground from under
its feet.”

This being ‘said’ MacMurray sees science as the most fully developed of our three major institutions (art and religion are the other two).

A program that includes a John MacMurray scholar might be useful
Thank you, David