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For Krista : Trungpa said, "Be able to hold the sorrow of the world in your heart, while never forgetting the great eastern sun." So I keep coming back to this, because, like you, I am witnessing what's going on. That requires so much time listening/watching/reading media, I get hurt. I get hurt over and over. But the only solution, other than closing the heart, is to bear the sorrow and the grief. I think this part of our human condition is what the buddha was referring to when he first said, "life is suffering." It's normal. It's simply the way it is. But, Krista, we are living in a world that is terribly stressed. We are the premier species, and we have dropped the ball. So the heart of this world is suffering. So perhaps Trungpa was pointing something a little more than we think. Perhaps the "sorrow of the world" also refers to the heartbreak that exists in the heart of this (living) creation. So sorrow/grief overload is dangerous. But there is help from BOTH the great eastern sun and the mother-of-us-all. Unconditional love is what grows the trees. Bless You namaste