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Your introduction to the program with Jacqueline Novogratz was so inaccurate regarding the U.S. role after the Haitian earthquake is filled with inaccuracies. How did China and Israel get there first? Why didn't we have a second runway constructed in a matter of hours? Why didn't we have heavy equipment digging out survivors within hours and certainly within a day? I heard a BBC report on US military running out of food and water--as if they had no radios and helicopters to bring more. Instead, the soldiers left the people without food and water.

Another BBC report was a Haitian describing a US helicopter landing, and then taking off and dropping bits and pieces of food, treating the people in a most inhuman fashion.

Why did the US military prevent at least five planes from Doctors without Borders from landing with food and medical equipment?

Why was the US obsessed with so-called security while people who were buried alive died, and the survivors went without food, water, and tents?

Where are you getting your grossly inaccurage information that our effort has been in any way laudable?