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I really like what Jacqueline and the Acumen fund are doing. They seem to have a good idea. They take the good ideas of others and provide them with funding. The money comes from investors, or donors as she likes to call them, and funds projects that promote social change. The biggest difference here is that the investors aren't getting financial return, they're getting the reward of impacting social change.

Jacqueline brought up her past work in India. The idea came from someone who needed money for his idea to take off. Acumen was able to provide funding for the project which brought clean water to rural India. This service was something that banks didn't invest in before because it hadn't really been done before. Jacqueline mentioned that the belief may be that water comes from God. Why would they need to pay for it? WIth Acumen's help, the water plants were built and became a big success. They're projected to continue growing and providing clean water, all with the help from local banks which are now investing in this service.

This is foreign aid with a catch, they're aren't just giving them clean water, they're investing in infrastructure to bring these people water for a lifetime. The process changes the lives of the people who are impacted. This impact is how Jacqueline promotes her services and brings in more donors. This unique approach of charging the poor people can be questioned by some people, but Jacqueline mentions it success and brings up the failure of aid elsewhere. The top down giving to some of these countries just doesn't reach the right people. Governments need to start taking responsibility for their people.

Jacqueline works on many projects and has put $40 million toward ideas for social change. This private innovation can bring change to the low income people where change would have been hard to come by. Acumen provides donors the ability to see human potential. Jacqueline promotes a spiritual way of thinking to solve the biggest problems in this world. She mentions God and our connectedness as people as driving forces for some. Her hope is to continue this work or helping the lower income people of the world, not in just one location. She talks about how we're all being divided into two groups, the rich and the poor. Her hope is that all of this social change will spread, and people who have been impacted will pull the rest of their community with them. This could eventually lead right back to the US and people who have unmet needs.