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On your Sunday show (8/22/10, you spoke with Jacqueline Novagast, excuse the spelling. At the intro of your interview you asked about helping right here in American and it did not appear that she answered you.
As an African American and reading history books it seems that Europeans have a long history of going to foreign places and becoming the savor. Example, many activist have descended upon Haiti but where were they prior to the earth quake? Or back in the early years when Haitians were refused entry into the United States. It also seems like it takes these horrendous events for many to get involved.
If people are looking to help there are many towns here in American, right here in Georgia that could use help from people like Novagast. My brother works with a nonprofit in Metro Atlanta, that works with at-risk-youth but he can only do so much. Where are the Novagasts?