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The idea that today's population are simply masses afraid of the uncertainty of the future given the change from an industrial economy to a technology economy has no basis in fact and is, frankly, insulting. There is no doubt that the freedom for such things as creativity and art has expanded as has the ability to reach inside all cultures. This is a good thing. That is not to what Krista seems to be guiding us in this 'fear of change' dialog.

People across the Western world are fearful because of the loss of democracy and the turn of free and democratic institutions into autocratic and criminal ones. We watch as tens of trillions of dollars in public wealth is moved from the lower/middle classes to the top all by corporate fraud with a complete suspension of Rule of Law in Western nations. Security is the growth industry as jobs in national security, Homeland security, building security, the military and police are the predominate job markets now. This is not a good thing, it is bad. We watch as diversified and competitive markets are drying and fixed by the ownership of all business activity in America by a handful of mega-corporations. This is not evolution and it is not something to relax and is something for which to be fearful and to revolt.

Even as I acknowledge the benefits of internet as regards culture and creativity the predominate issue for all people is the Big Brother nature of the web and the fact that all of it is owned by people who can now simply legislate the ability to have it all shut down.....remember, all of our public modes of communication are being dismantled so communication that is centralized like this is easily cut off as we saw with the uprisings last Spring. The US quickly passed laws allowing this complete shutdown as it made domestic detention for 'terrorism' legal as well.

This is of course not evolution it is devolution. We are seeing a wealth inequity equal to the Renaissance and the same social structuring taking place.....goodbye Enlightment these leaders say as democracy disappears and poverty increases all by way of massive criminal activity. These are the morals, ethics, and values the people see today and are never spoken of on Krista's program as she works to obscure the seriousness of the times!!