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Christa, I always enjoy and am enlightened by On Being. Congratulations to you and all involved in producing and participating in the programs.

Regarding today's topic, I would like to note that there is relevant wisdom in Dorothy Sayer's 1941 book, The Mind of the Maker (see: ). In it she explicates the Christian trinity by illuminating the relationship of creator, work, and meaning and characterizing the nature of man, "created in the image of God" as being reflected in artistic imagination. As she argues, this triune nature is found not only in the acts of artists, but also in those of inventors, engineers, craftsmen, and--may I add, too--teachers, students, and parents.

BTW, I propose that a secular trinity derived from Sayer's insights may well provide a more viable paradigm for modern scientific thinking than the failed materialist/reductionist paradigm dominating orthodox science. [I prefer to think of this secular, paradigmatic trinity in terms of Idea, Image, and Import, rather than in Sayer's terms--I like alliteration, too.]. This secular trinity provides the basis of a conceptual framework for a worldview which better accommodates the accumulating scientific and spiritual thought and evidence for Mind/Consciousness and Meaning/Spirit/Effect, most of which orthodox science, ignores, dismisses, denies, rejects.

- Tom