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Mr. Godin's ideas put form to my long-felt belief that a business doesn't need to define success by adding employees or making a steep profit margin or building aggressively. I run a small business because I like to practice landscape architecture. I like to meet people and help them live their lives more fully and abundantly. I don't run a small business to make a million dollars, or to grow indefinitely. I founded my company because I was unemployed in the Great Recession of 2008. Since that time, I've ended up providing work and connections for other professionals who found themselves in transition. I feel very strongly that this is a main mission of my company, along with providing a creative outlet for myself, earning a little money, and supporting the design and construction of human environments that help people enjoy their lives. Thanks for this great interview - I've found out that I'm part of a tribe that believes in a more complex business model. What fun!