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I have a confession. I did not completely finish reading The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?. During the entire process of reading your book up to page 210, I realize that You wanted me to be brave and go create My art now. There was a sense of urgency. I have a feeling that is alright with you because I wanted to start on and in my art too. Reading your book along with others have helped me give me permission to create change. So I am doing just that. I am taking baby steps. The first step I have taken is to leave the town I have grew up for nearly 20 years to find my art and do my art. I am always noticing but afraid to give voice to what I see. Today, I am beginning the long, hard journey of self-actualizing creation. Here is an example of my art: . I started it over a year ago and neglected it because my grassroots campaigned failed, but now I am ready to enhance it and make it into art. Seth, I am brave, but am I scared, but I am brave. The times demand my bravery and I will begin by starting now.