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I could not pass up this interview with Seth Godin. I'm a big fan of his.

I wrote down eight key points of this interview that struck a chord within me, but I will discuss just a couple of them.

The first was when Seth said,

"And so the challenge of our future is to say, are we going to connect and amplify positive tribes that want to make things better for all of us? Or are we going to degrade to warring tribes that are willing to bring other groups down just so they can get ahead?"

This really made me rethink how I go about purchasing products, actually. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the simple purchase, but really with every purchase, I'm supporting an idea. I want to support the positive tribes and not the bully tribes.

The second point was when Seth said,

"You will never have better ratings than the Jersey Shore. But that's not what the purpose is. It's not what the point is. It's not why we do our work. What works is does it matter? And is it possible to make a living doing something that matters? And the answer is, yes. Is it possible to make the maximum amount of money? Probably not. But that's playing by a different set of rules."

This was very important to me because sometimes I think too much about fame. Getting an idea that everyone likes. Being a person everyone likes. Winning an award or being the best at something. Seth says it's not about the ratings. I think that kind of thought process will really just drag me down in the end and smother my true potential. There is something I can offer that's bigger than ratings. Something that impacts individuals, which spreads little by little to other individuals. Something that matters.