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Rami explains his thoughts that too much time is spent by American Muslims explaining the differences between those involved in 9/11, and that efforts should be devoted to seizing upon the common interests of those marginalized in society by joining other faiths in advancing justice. With this I agree, but where should the the fear of Islam within the U.S. be addressed? In the Q&A, Rami suggests that the "lunacy and irrationality" of the conservative Christian needs to be confronted, and that the engagement of a skeptical woman at a previous event proved useful. Many Americans are confused by the media reports of the hatred and violence against Westerners and the U.S. by fundamentalist, or extremest, the harshness of Shari law, the treatment of women, and the sectarian violence within Islam itself. I believe very much that there is commonality between the the faiths, and that Rami's cause for justice for the marginalized recognizes these shared values in a most compelling way. But how do we engage the fear of Jihad and the violence of extremism throughout the Greater Middle East an d Northern Africa. Within the Muslim faith, how is the value of Rami's justice distinguished between justice advanced by Jihad? We read these reports in the media each day. As the program recognizes, it is a real fear. But how do we engage the fear, and what is the proper forum?