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Rami Nashashibi was a Muslim that was born in Jordan. He came to the south side of Chicago with his family. He has his doctorate in Sociology. He started a non-profit while he was in school that brings Arab kids together. I found it really interesting that he brought Arab kids and African American Muslim kids together in south side of Chicago. I liked how he talked about how these different neighborhoods in Chicago are all divided into different groups. It's just amazing how he was able to bring everyone together. He was talking how some of these schools have over a fifty percent drop out rate and how kids born there are three more times likely to be arrested. What a great program to pull a community together and show these kids that there is hope and future out there for them. I was kind of surprised that thirty percent of Muslims in America are African American.

I liked the part where he talked about his reaction to the 9/11 tragedy. I thought it was interesting how he said that he and his fellow Muslims reacted first in shock. Just like the rest of America. I think after the incident that people get angry and some people start to think that if your Muslim then you must have endorsed it. I also think that they did not need to come out as a community and say they did not agree with violence or what had happened. People have been hiding behind religion forever to justify their horrific acts. I don't know about you but up to 9/11 I don't think I was taught much about the Muslim community. It was not until after 9/11 and when we were at war with terrorism that the media really started to cover the Muslim faith and what it was about