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I grew up on a farm and farmed before entering the ministry. Mty father did just what Paul Harvy talked about - milked cows, worked the fields, milked cows again, and then went to a school board meeting (for 5 yrs), or a church meeting (6 yrs), or a Farm Bureau meeting (5 yrs). Some say that way of life is gone. Some of it is, but I still have 2 brothers in law on the farm - family farms. The farms are bigger, the equipment mammoth, but the basic task is the same, and for parts of the year is it long hours, even if some of it is in an air-conditioned or heated tractor cab. Livestock care still involves dirty hands with a gentle touch.
What is more, compare this commercial to some of the others - sexual inuendo, nasty gags, stupid tricks, even gross moments, and which would I rather see - "God made a famer" hands down. It's decent, even if nastalgic. It's wholesome, clean, and filled with values.
What is more, in my opinion the only difference between the Super Bowl half-time show and a "gentlemen's club" is a brass pole. I'm probably old school, but I'm glad I didn't have any young children around to watch that half-time display. The stoppage of play because of the issue with the lights was by far a better half-time break.