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With all due respect “LIGHTEN UP”. Everything comes down to perception, and obviously Madison Avenue knows this. Very clever to use the endorsement of both God and Paul Harvey, neither of which are here to refuse their permission.
I am choosing to look at this from an Existentialist point of view and seeing some very impressive creativity. What I mean by this is all creativity proves the existence of a creator. This two minute ad was created by some very creative individuals who work in, and represent a very creative industry. The fact that it exists is proof that the creators of it exist, even though we may not have any personal knowledge of them. So it is with God (and Paul Harvey for that matter). This world, and all that flows from it, serve as proof that a “Creator” conceived it and made it a reality. Think about it.
I somehow believe that we would all be more impressed by this creative effort if we were not tainted by the perception that the truck used in it was something more than another farm implement and being offered to us among all the other hype of an overblown sporting event.
The Zen Carpenter
Mount Clemens, Michigan