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First of all Krista thank you and Natalie for this wonderful discussion of astronomy and science. It was very enlightening and will give me food for thought the next time I look out on a starry night -- especially thinking about the 2 experiences Natalie talked about at the end of the broadcast.

Coming from a more spiritual perspective than scientific there was one part of the discussion where Natalie spoke of looking at the sky and not only feeling a sense of wonder and awe but a sense of loneliness. I wondered about that and if her feeling of loneliness was coming more from a scientific perspective with searching for life on other planets or personal.

I guess when I look out at a starry sky I've never felt lonely. I felt a sense of awe and wonder, sometimes fear because of the awesomeness, but not lonely. Most of the time, I feel drawn in or up as if the sky is a magnet.

What would be your thoughts on this?

Thank you.