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How beautifully expressed, the interconnectness of us all! Every once in awhile I actually have a brief moment of understsnding and it's almost too heady (for me) to bear! There is no doubt the the intensity of the feeling stems from the deep love that it necessarily invokes. I can't help hut love everyone and everything in existance... since everything is a part of my own existance.
That concept is so powerful, and life changing, it is difficult to maintain.
I so loved listening to this discusdion, and thank you and krista for bringing it to me. I will share with as many as will listen.
I especially loved your description of laying on uour back snd all thst you could see... the milky way bending, the planets, the constellations... I too had that wonderful experience while I was living on the desert in Arizona. Wiyh absolutrly no light polution and a range of lunar positions, I could lie there all night and and be astounded by the magical, miraculous, and totally inspiring beauty of the universe. The diffrrence between you and I however, is that I did not have the knowledge to understand it. I DID, however, become completely engrossed in the interconnectness of it all, and that as minute as I was, I was somehow a part of thw whole story.
Th a nk you, thank you for so eloquently presenting scientific data with your magnificent literary paintbrush!
Now to find your website ....and then to friend you. :-)