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As a catholic, a minority, a clinician/educator, I say a special prayer for you and others who have suffered at the hands of abusive pedophiles and the lack of protection by the institution that was supposed to protect all its members. May the love of Christ give you peace and heal you. We are each born with special gifts. Fr. Boyle is called for his purpose and his special gift. You, too, are given a special gift and can choose to use it for good. Please continue to help others understand how pedophiles in authority used institutions to commit their crimes against innocents. But remember that you are a whole person. In that wholeness, understand that others have suffered from the results of slavery, discrimination, and other inhumane treatment. Also, try to be aware that there are outstanding priests and religious who continue to work with poor and disenfranchised people and do good works. They have been the "eyes, hands, arms, and feet of Christ." In darkness, ask Christ to be the light.