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EXACTLY what I've been thinking during the last two years, dealing with my husband's illness. We've spent a LOT of time in doctor's offices and hospitals and often the strongest connections were felt with the orderlies moving patients or the folks who came in to clean the rooms. So many times I've wondered why some doctors and nurses went into medicine since they don't seem to like people much at all and really just don't want to be bothered with questions or emotions. It takes no more effort to smile than to frown or to be friendly rather than cold. Medical profession: NOBODY wants to be sick and every person you encounter is going through some difficulty. Please stop seeing them as just one more headache in your day and start treating them like you would if they were your mother or father, wife or husband, brother or sister, son or daughter. Because they are just that important to someone else.

We need to remember the same is true for our medical providers though - that they each have a story and occasional bad days too.