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This video is so needed around the world. GOD, being a Sovereign GOD, did not write my life like those i've seen in the video; yet, i complain!......But when i saw this video, GOD brought to me that there are many people who are hurting, scared, worried, in panic with no hope (or very little). i must stop complaining (for i really have nothing to complain about) and pray for my sisters and brothers of this world. i pray for GOD's Mercy and Grace upon all; for GOD's assurance and peace; for GOD's presence and HIS LOVE to come upon them. i pray that we all 'look up' (to GOD) and call HIS NAME and HE will give us HIS peace even when we are going through low valleys and rocky mountains. For it will be GOD, and GOD alone WHO will get us over these rough times! That is my prayer for all. Amen.