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The visual was touching and nicely done. Many of our heathcare workers are compassionate and caring. As a nurse, we are taught to "listen." In my many years of healthcare work I have had the opportunity to see a great deal: from the receptionist who would give a patient her last dollar to go get something to eat/drink, and to a physician willing to "take the time," despite his/her demanding schedule. However, on the other hand, I have seen the receptionist who isn't paying attention to the patient's needs and presents with a unwelcoming attitude - how discouraging for a patient's initial impression of the pending care from this office, or the physician who walks in the patient's room, looks at his papers for the patient's name, identifies him/herself, and asks: "So how are you today? Anything I can do for you?" Smiles and leaves the room. Does he/she even know who I am? Scary.......All institutes training the medical profession should make it a mandatory requirement to watch this brief video, as well as the movie, "The Doctor."