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When I trained at the VA in chaplaincy I experienced this in my hospice veterans. Their moral injuries poured out as their normal life reflection process unraveled. As theirs did, my deceased dad, WWII secret of "friendly fire" where he mistakenly was told to kill his own soldier by his commander who did not like the soldier to be killed leaked out of my dad's memories in disconnected ways. I knew he would never link the truth for me because he was loyal to his military pledge as a sergeant Dad began electric shock treatments after the death of his mom. Each death of a family member as dad aged required more shock. In all he had over 150 shock treatments. His good psychiatrist told me towards the end of his life, "this good man is not getting relief from the shock treatments anymore. Something in his moral life wants to come up and out as he nears his death. For me and my brother we too had felt the effects of my dads moral injuries. My dad's brother recently told me that all his family on the farm were terrified as my dad dressed in his uniform at night and shot his gun off as he patrolled the yard, re enacting the event over and over. We have moral injuries from all of his untreated war experiences. Most Veterans never qualify for help because of their income. So as the chaplain at the VA helped me understand how these Vets go through their moral injuries he pointed out to me that my brother and I and the whole family carry PTSD and the moral injuries our dad inflicted on us by his rage, beatings, and fearful behaviors. Your moral injury explanation is on target and I will be using your description of it in my chaplaincy profession. Thank you