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Oh, Dr. Shay has it right. Problem is, the power structure, be it, a military command or the VA Mental Health, still keep the veteran in his place when it comes to PTSD. Here in Pittsburgh I was being given 60-65 GAF scores while I was being charged with felony assault charges at work where I carried a gun. I was a federal police officer. My own private health care were gining me 35 GAF scores at the same time. I did beat the charges since there were no witnesses and the alleged attack was a week after I got out the hospital for bleeding in the head. At the time I had a 30% PTSD rating.
Since then I was awake in the middle of the night because I couldnt sleep. I had my Glock automatic on my lap and was watching TV. Finally around 4AM I fell asleep and then not long after that I was dreaming about VN. I dont know how it happened but I pulled the trigger and shot myself. Almost killed myself, broke the femur, hit the artery.
I am a survivor of Hill 875 and was at the CP when the Marine Corp F4 Phanton dropped two 500 pound bombs on it. Thank GOD one was a dud. The 173d and 4th Infantry command knew we were well outnumbered when they sent us (330 of the 2d Battalion 503d Infantry, 173d Airborne) up the Hill. The total was around 158 dead and a lot more wounded. A lot more the protected dont care about. They think giving 10% is being generous. More wounds back home. Your sacrifice doesnt matter. Im on the Hill every day. Have been since 1967. Its really a shit place.