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I was diagnosed with PTSD due to DV. Your words "being in a warzone with guns and killing is certainly different, however, when you live in fear daily of beatings, verbally, mentally, as well as physically, it wears you down." was a eureka moment for me. As I mentioned in a reply to Rhonda I grappled with guilt over how I could have experienced the same level of stress as a war veteran, but your words validate my pain. As to talking to, in this case, my mother about her actions, it was a challenge. My expectations of any regrets expressed by her was short lived when she responded to my why's by saying "you were a difficult child". I wanted to shout "Yes, I was a child...and you were supposed to be an adult!", but had to let the moment slip by. Whether time or denial was the cause she did not want to deal with it. While I am thankful that I was self aware enough to not repeat the actions of my mother on my children, I sadly wonder what inner demons made her lose control to that degree. I have learned to let go of my why's and move forward.