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Thank you for today's podcast. I love all of the On Being episodes very much, but decided to add a quick comment

I'm very interested in the traditional tales, and also the modern interpretations. It has been interesting to watch these stories and characters evolve. I guess since I am a comic-book geek (somewhat) I felt like I should mention some of the most inspired reinterpretations I've come across...

There is Bill Willingham's Fables, which tells the stories of various "Fables" who are forced to flee from their various homeland and have gathered to form a small community in the modern world. Sounds a little cliche, but it's very well done. I'd Also recommend the work of Neil Gaiman, his comics and literature. Sandman is an amazing work, and his novel Neverwhere is also a great introduction. Mike Mignola's Hellboy and BPRD also do a fantastic job re-imagining characters and stories.

I know there are many great ways traditional stories are being retold. Movies, TV, literature... it is nice to see. I guess over time I've come to believe that some of the best (and worst too probably :) modern fairy tales are being created in comic books.