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I wonder if one reason why the fairy tale themes are now so evident is that many (most?) of those who are now adults, other than maybe in Disney versions, did not hear the canon of stories as children, or at least if they did hear them, it was not regularly? Those who are now adults may have not been read to as children (for reasons of poverty for example). Or perhaps their parents may have felt these stories were "too violent" and that children should be shielded from them. Or the other extreme, the stories may have been used selectively to teach specific moral lessons, which is not their intent. We missed something as children that we need now.

Other people who have explored the purpose of these tale with children are Vign Guroian, and of course Clarissa Pinkola Estes (another woman with Hungarian roots) writes about fables and myths and the unconscious.

Thanks for this reflection - from another 1/2 Hungarian adult!