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Dear Ms. Tippett, I listened to the extended interview with Maria Tartar with some disappointment. I was waiting the entire time for you both to talk about Jung and von Franz's view of fairy tales as stories that contain a tremendous amount of compensatory material that usually contradict or compensate the collective conscious ideas. You also did not discuss archetypes and how they appear in fairy tales. I recommend anyone interested in the feminine motifs to read Marie Louis von Franz "The Feminine in Fairy Tales". Sometimes your interviews feel superficial to me, and this was one of them. RE: Tarter's refusal to judge, I think this is a major problem today and part of our consumer mentality. Everything is allowed (ie. if you have money, you can own it), so there is a lack of discernment and moral imperative. If everything is okay, then we lose the boundaries and containers we need to be fully free. Thank you for your great efforts to bring consciousness into the world.